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              25,000 square meters of large-scale modern manufacturing center, intelligent production lines: high-power laser cutting, robot welding, precision machine tools, environmental protection coating lines, large assembly workshops, online testing and laboratories, lean production and ISO quality system to ensure every The equipment is stable and reliable.

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              Become the world's excellent supplier of surface treatment and environmental protection equipment

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              Deeply understand customer needs, continue to innovate and develop, provide considerate services, and provide customers with value-added solutions

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              Create a safe, healthy, energy-saving and efficient working environment to help customers develop and take care of employees’ health

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              PTING Technology provides you with one-stop service of caring manufacturers, caring and efficient, bringing you an extraordinary experience!


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              PTING Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

              PTING Technology was founded in 2005. It is a well-known brand of surface treatment and environmental protection equipment system solutions in China. It is committed to the research and development and manufacturing of process technology and equipment in the field of industrial surface treatment and environmental treatment. It is the National Society for Corrosion and Protection, China It is a member certification unit of Surface Engineering Association and Zhejiang Environmental Protection Association, and the company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. The R&D and manufacturing base covers an area of 25,000 square meters and is located in the Binhai Economic Development Zone of Cixi, Ningbo. With PTING global overseas center in Singapore and more than 20 offices nationwide, Paiting Technology has provided surface treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment and process technical services to more than 1,000 users around the world. The users are widely distributed in: home appliance manufacturing, digital electronics, Automobile and auto parts manufacturing, hardware sanitary ware, new materials, new energy, rail transit, aerospace, petrochemical power, marine engineering, heavy industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, furniture manufacturing, and other industries.

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              Environmental protection equipment system solution brand

              • Intelligent sandblasting equipment
              • Environmental protection dust removal equipment
              • Industrial centrifugal fan

              Six advantages

              Committed to industrial surface treatment


              Advanced manufacturing advantages

              Intelligent sandblasting equipment, shot blasting equipment, painting equipment, intelligent industrial control systems and industrial robots...Pai Ting spares no expense, deeply understands customer needs, continues to innovate and develop, and provides considerate services to provide customers with value-added solutions.


              Outstanding R&D advantages

              Paiting's own CFD technology combining theory and practice. Through a full range of product common module systems, it is possible to quickly customize for customers, while reducing the cost of mold development for new products, achieving customization while ensuring economy.


              Excellent quality advantage

              Paiting Technology has been adhering to the ideological strategy of "winning by quality", creating competitive advantages based on quality, attaching importance to quality, and developing quality, requiring every employee of Paiting to have "quality" and "reliability" in his blood.


              Many product certification certificates

              Paiting Technology has a large number of product certification certificates, strictly in accordance with national regulations for production, product performance and all aspects of safety are guaranteed, customers are more assured!


              Brand globalization advantage

              PTING Technology has sales all over the world, and has won unanimous praise from customers in terms of products and services, and has been recognized by customers. The brand is well-known at home and abroad!


              Perfect after-sales service system

              Paiting Technology provides you with an intimate one-stop service! The common goal of internal staff and field staff of the after-sales team is "quick response, quick resolution, delivery commitment, and customer satisfaction".

              Qualification honor

              Obtained a large number of qualification certificates

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              Ningbo school for a foreign enterprise to build a new double - effect energy - saving automatic recycling sandblasting room

              Release time:2017-12-29

              Ningbo, China, In November 2017, our company designed a non-standard new double-effect energy-saving automatic recycling blasting room designed for a large foreign-funded foundry enterprise, and passed the acceptance test once. This set of equipment is based on reliable, safe, practical and economical conditions, adding frequency conversion processing and delay automatic shutdown function to the energy-consuming equipment. At the same time, using PLC to control panel display equipment failure Eliminate manual maintenance and inspection; use of cyclone secondary separation, repeated use times, reduce the consumption of abrasives, from the original consumption of 4 tons per day, to 1 ton per day consumption; The existing double warehouse alternative dust removal method ensures dust filtration, discharge effect, effectively controls dust emission, dust emission content meets 0.5%, meets environmental protection requirements, and spray tower is installed at the tail It completely settles the tiny particles (0.5%) in the air, which is full of environmental online monitoring requirements. design diagram: Completion map: First production operation diagram: Ningbo Pai Ting is an elite enterprise of China's first-class surface treatment equipment supplier "Liang Shi Group (stock code: 837430)", which is a member of China Corrosion and Protection Society and China Surface Engineering Thermal Spraying Association. It is a technical cooperation unit of many design institutes and scientific research institutes. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. The company is located in Jiangjiatun Industrial Zone, Beilun Port, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, with convenient transportation. It is currently the most professional and largest surface treatment enterprise for heavy industry products in Zhejiang. Ningbo Paiteng has provided coating process consulting and training, coating processing, coating environmental protection equipment and coating products and technical services for more than 1000 users worldwide. The company has a professional large-scale painting experiment workshop, equipped with 2 large-scale sandblasting rooms, 3 spray drying rooms, 1 cleaning room, 1 high-temperature drying room, 1 heavy-duty spray-painting and integrated assembly line, and automatic shot blasting equipment 2. Set, 8 sets of supersonic arc spraying equipment, 2 sets of ASP automatic plasma spraying system, 2 sets of flame spraying system, 4 sets of airless spraying machine and 6 sets of air spraying system. The compressed air source is equipped according to the A-class treatment scheme. It also has a complete set of imported dry and wet film thickness gauges, salt detectors, roughness gauges, cleanliness standards, dew point meters, adhesion detectors, and pore detectors. Painting and testing equipment, more than 60 resident staff, more than 200 outdoor construction workers, production equipment and process technology strength domestic leading. Ningbo has a strong technical background, and continues to introduce professional and technical personnel, with a strong focus on employee development and training. While attaching importance to the quality of products and engineering, we pay more attention to service and communication before, during and after construction. The backbone technicians of the company have rich experience in construction technology and experience. They have provided surface treatment equipment for domestic and foreign first-class enterprises. Process plan: such as Siemens, Vestas, Atlas, Husky, CSR, Alstom, etc. The large outdoor anti-corrosion project has participated in large-scale projects such as the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the Zhenhai National Petroleum Reserve, the Zhoushan Pacific Chemical Zone, and the provincial steel structure project. Ningbo Pai Ting will always adhere to the quality concept of “Technology first, attention to detail, excellence, and excellence” to provide customers with the best products and services. Send a good business scope: 1、Spray processing: wind power generation parts, steel structure, equipment base, chemical machinery, construction machinery and other products for sandblasting, shot blasting, painting, spray, thermal spray processing, alloy coating, Teflon coating and other special coating processing . 2、Project: To undertake outdoor anti-corrosion engineering projects such as steel structure, chemical pipelines, storage tanks, bridges, power plants, shipyards and docks. 3、Technical service: Prepare system files such as painting operation documents, quality control documents, inspection documents, etc., provide coating process training, and contracting construction services for exterior painting. 4、Thermal spray coating preparation: high wear resistance, long-lasting anti-corrosion coating, super hard coating, repair functional coating preparation. (ceramic, tungsten carbide, copper alloy, nickel alloy coating, etc.). Group business scope: 1、Surface treatment spray blasting, thermal spraying and coating equipment process system solutions and process equipment; 2、Professionally provide CNC automation and robot technology application process system solutions and process equipment; 3、Coating environmental protection equipment: VOC waste gas, wastewater, dust treatment and noise treatment system process solutions and process equipment 4、The company provides integrated solutions for pressure system integration in the fields of food dairy, bio-pharmaceutical, water treatment, refrigeration, petrochemical, marine offshore, electric energy, paper and textile, non-ferrous metals. 1, project engineering: wire/profile/steel blasting pretreatment line, ship segment blasting coating room, container/locomotive blasting room spray booth, wind power equipment blasting room spray booth, High-precision automatic blasting equipment, CNC powerful shot blasting machine, water heater liner (pressure tank) blasting coating production line, micro-channel aluminum flat tube zinc spraying system, fluid/powder spraying production line non-standard design and manufacturing environmental protection spray Sand coating equipment and painting production lines, non-standard environmental protection equipment and environmental engineering, industrial robots and automated industrial control system integration. 2, stand-alone equipment: sand blasting machine, shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine, airless spraying machine, electric arc spraying machine, air compressor, dust removal equipment, spray booth, air purification equipment, pressure vessel, Painting test equipment, etc. 3, pressure equipment: all kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel pressure vessels, representative products are various types of towers and other petrochemical equipment, medical equipment, refrigeration equipment, heat exchangers, filters, and Various types of water treatment equipment and fire protection, high-rise water supply equipment (various specifications of diaphragm pressure tanks, constant pressure tanks, steady flow tanks, etc.). Non-standard design and manufacture of large steel components and tower equipment.

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              Sand blasting machine for porcelain plate -- application of sand blasting technology for porcelain plate

              Release time:2022-11-03

              Core advantages of porcelain plate: fire prevention+super weather resistance+ultra-high hardnessProcess core of porcelain plate coating preparation: high-quality sand blasting pretreatment+porcelain coating with convenient constructionAccording to different base materials, there are mainly three kinds of porcelain plates: porcelain aluminum plates, which are mainly used in the inner wall of rail locomotives, subway stations, airports, railway stations and other public buildings; There are also porcelain plates and porcelain stainless steel plates, which are mainly used in tunnels, column grids and other decoration fields with higher strength requirements. There is no release of any toxic gas when the porcelain plate is in fire, which greatly alleviates the harm of fire to human beings. At the same time, due to the low surface tension of the porcelain plate (surface tension 22-23 dyne), the plate can resist artificial pollution, prevent the pasting of small advertisements, and the marker can not be used for graffiti.At present, the pain points of the sand blasting pretreatment process of porcelain plate manufacturers are:1. Sand blasting equipment has poor stability, uneven sand blasting and low productivity;2. Sand blasting equipment has large energy consumption, large sand material consumption and high cost;3. The sandblasting equipment has poor environmental protection performance, the environmental protection discharge is not up to the standard, the production environment is bad, and operators are hard to find;4. The compatibility of sand blasting equipment is poor, and heterogeneous plates cannot pass through the equipment.The special sandblasting machine for porcelain veneers jointly developed by Patting Technology and an aluminum veneer enterprise in Jiangsu for 3 years has comprehensively solved the above pain points and brought good news to the majority of aluminum veneer manufacturers:1、 The technology of "rotary lifting spray gun module", which is the first in the world, perfectly solves the problem of uneven sand blasting with the traditional swing spray gun. At the same time, the compatibility range of the lifting spray gun module with the plate height reaches 10-400mm; The linear speed of aluminum plate sandblasting is up to 2.8-4M/min; Effective width up to 1600mm;2、 The technology of sedimentation type large air volume and low pressure dust remover+multi-stage cyclone separation and dust removal is adopted to solve the problem of dust overflow during sand blasting. At the same time, the particle size of abrasive separation can be finely adjusted to keep the surface roughness of the plate highly uniform. Save sand to the greatest extent.PT-DXL1650-36A special intelligent sandblasting machine for porcelain plateRotating lifting spray gun moduleSedimentary flow type large air volume low-pressure dust remover+cyclone separation dust removal system

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